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Horizontal Roller Blind Door Fly Screen 140 x 230 White

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Horizontal Roller Blind Door Fly Screen, suitable for use in screening patio doors, conservatory doors, double or single doors upto 140cm wide x 230cm high.

Available in white aluminium

Suitable for inward or outward opening doors

* Can be fitted to the left or right side of a doorway

Bug screens let fresh air in while stopping and keeping out flies, mosquitoes, wasps and other flying insect pests.

These horizontal, retractable roller blinds are housed in a cassette box which is fitted to the side of the doorway.This type of sliding door fly screen kit is fitted to the reveal (the brickwork surround) of the door.

Side channels are screw fixed to the top and bottom of the doorway along which the screen glides.To lock the screen, there is a 'tilt and tip" aluminium bar. The screen is spring loaded and glides smoothly back into it's cassette box when not in use.

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