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Here's the opinion of our existing customers who have completed our customer satisfaction survey. Please note that a 7 = satisfactory; 10 = far exceeded expectation. We list ALL of our reviews here.
Customer Name Delivery Speed Quality Value Overall Rating Date
Sandra, Manchester897814 September  2019
ann, Barnsley67771 August  2019
Judith, CREWE799929 July  2019
Ben, Kings Lynn844722 July  2019
F J, Wisbech794720 July  2019
Paul, Bideford101010107 July  2019
Michael, London10991026 June  2019
Jane, Nottingham1097912 June  2019
Bought for caravan but not installed yet. Had one previously at my home in Spain and it was excellent.
Elizabeth, Corscombe99899 June  2019
Good product-reccomend
Anne, Nottingham988924 May  2019
instructions Must be in English not all British are fluent in French I did however manage with luck from the diagrams
Anne, West Molesey10991021 May  2019
Customer service extremely good. Speed of delivery excellent. Quality of items seems very good and what I would expect for the price
Maureen, St.Helens886717 May  2019
It is a bit expensive for what you get
Gwyneth, Stretton9991013 May  2019
Jean, Felthorpe876913 May  2019
Easy to put up. Apart from being finished off in gray/black cotton on a white screen all was ok! I unpicked it and finished it off in white!
MIRANDA, Milton Keynes77767 May  2019
Stephen, HA4 0RD887828 April  2019
Instructions need to be in english
Mariann, Barford St Michael743724 April  2019
Peter, Huddersfield786723 April  2019
The delivery part of my purchase was I fear poor.However it did arrive eventually about 9 days later.The quality is excellent,but at this price I feel some sort of fittings/brackets would have been included PN.
Peter, Woodbridge88884 April  2019
Paul, King's Lynn759731 December  2018
ian, stevenage998921 August  2018
Avril, Northfleet767714 August  2018
The picture makes the twists look bigger than they are so was a bit disappointed. I thought I had found one to replace the one I bought in Spain many years ago.
Christopher, Fordingbridge87783 August  2018
Have not tried the products until we go to France camping next week. But look good so far
Graham, Stockport998927 July  2018
Myra, Cheadle Hulme687716 July  2018
The screen arrived very quickly. The reason it scored a 6 was because an insect had been squashed inside the rolled mesh, leaving a repeating mark on the mesh curtain. Also there is another stain on the mesh as well. We have not managed to remove the stain completely. One of the weights on the bottom of the curtain would not snap together. We wanted to use the screen immediately so did not return it, but it makes it difficult to score service etc.
Wendy, Perton77779 July  2018
Laraine, Sheffield99892 July  2018
Julie, Walkington nr Beverley97781 July  2018
I've put satisfactory because the screen doesn't come with the necessary attachments to fit it to the wall which was very inconvenient. The screen itself is of excellent quality.
Linda, Taunton999527 June  2018
Only a five for overall service because the instructions, such as they were, weíre in a foreign language.
Lorraine, Manchester9991017 June  2018
Brilliant service, item received next day as stated, the only improvement would be the instructions which are basically useless.
Quentin, London99996 June  2018
The product is good quality, and does what it should do.
John, Eastbourne101081031 May  2018
Excellent service,quick delivery,a little expensive,but for the safety of our cat,suppose itís worth it. It did say on the instructions,that it takes 2 people approx 1hr to put together and#128514;and#128514;and#128514; more like 1 day in our case! Overall 10 out of 10 Thank you.
gordon, EDINBURGH979823 May  2018
Just be aware the door wonít clear UPVC door lever handles - needs to be mounted on additional wood. Unfortunately we donít have this option and only noticed after we had the door built- wonít be able to use it, despite it being of good quality. It would be great to have a steel box section which the handle can be received into. All other aspects of the kit would then work. Ours can only go to the scrap heap -
Philip, Stoke-on-Trent101071020 May  2018
Hollie, Houghton-le-Spring9910915 May  2018
Roger, Nottingham767922 April  2018
tim, Bungay9109818 April  2018
Andrew, West Wickham977715 March  2018
Christopher, Ilkeston88792 August  2017
Anthea, Peterborough101071020 July  2017
I was delighted with the service and product...easy to install and looks neat and very effective against unwanted flying visitors
Helen, Nr Banbury978819 July  2017
Simon, ROYSTON887915 July  2017
Mark, Worcester79797 July  2017
Edwin, Colchester717717 June  2017
Lindie, Holbury65559 June  2017
sarah, TORQUAY77775 June  2017
very expensive postage cost which lets you down
Paula, Ryde72575 June  2017
The fixings are far more flimsy than I thought and not enough weight to keep the mesh in place in a light breeze.
John, Rugeley88892 June  2017
sandra, Pewsey777729 May  2017
Easy to instal and does the job well
kevin, Broxbourne101081027 May  2017
Harriet, Sheffield1099926 May  2017
Pauline, Ashford9109924 May  2017
so pleased with this item it does such a marvellous job. very satisfied
Stewart, Shrewsbury879815 May  2017
Daniel, Troon777715 May  2017
Sue, Windsor1099911 May  2017
Very impressed with the speed of delivery and condition of the screen.
Ian, Warrington97999 May  2017
Kathryn, Wirral86471 May  2017
David, Pimlico999922 April  2017
Excellent product and service
Augie, Maidenhead76676 April  2017
Douglas, WOKING1088106 April  2017
Eric, Haverhill88782 April  2017
Chris, Keighley777728 March  2017
Allan, Stoke-on-Trent101010108 February  2017
Our caravan Park does not open until 21st March. This is when I will fit the screen and be able to provide you with a proper and accurate feedback. Mr A. Capewell
Malcolm, Sandbach10109104 February  2017
All round successful purchase
Dave, Harrow999923 January  2017
good quality product good price delivered on time what more could you ask or want
Michael, Saxmundham999910 August  2016
Very Good, perhaps you could improve your web site by making it a bit clearer and give 2 prices side by side for products with our without 'Brackets'
ian, Carlisle787930 July  2016
Carolyn, Sidcup833819 July  2016
Michael, Newcastle upon Tyne977817 July  2016
Quality is good although I had to hot glue gun the bottom of one of the curtains to make it stay on as it kept falling off. Despite this the product is very good.
Beverley, 22780 Loguivy Plougras787916 July  2016
Susan, Lancaster929914 July  2016
pleased with service
marilyn, bury st edmunds10108104 July  2016
Jean, Birmingham1099103 July  2016
Product is good had to work out from the pictures as instruction was in french used translate on computer but there was not enough information to translate. I fitted it outside my only problem was the need to grind brick to make the supporting legs to lay flat to allow screen to roll down with ease, I would recommend item once finished it looks great and works excellent
CHETAN, Barnet777828 June  2016
roy, SALISBURY888923 June  2016
Not yet fitted
Frances, Wigan977812 June  2016
Customer service was very understanding and not pushy
Margaret, Cambridge777711 June  2016
The flyscreen is effective though a bit industrial looking. If a white mesh one had been available I would have preferred it. I was unable to enlarge the picture on the website so could not see it in much detail before ordering. Overall however very good service and product.
Elaine, Glasgow77757 June  2016
Hilary, Ipswich1010785 June  2016
Thank you for a very good product
David, Cheddar77742 June  2016
The screen is not really suitable for face fitting and this should be made clear on the website.
Edward, Alfreton997917 May  2016
Judi, godalming997915 May  2016
Excellent all round
David, Tiverton7101099 May  2016
Excellent value and half the price of other fly screens on the net.
Deborah, Herne Bay99898 May  2016
Tim, Harrogate989927 February  2016
The screen was an absolute pig to put together! I managed it but I can imagine that there will be those who will struggle.
Trevor, Doncaster987925 January  2016
Not yet fitted the screen but service provided was prompt and efficient
Neville, Chabanais998921 August  2015
unfortunately I ordered the wrong size and it is not big enough
Christine, Pressignac91091010 August  2015
Only 6 working days from order to delivery. Great service.
Chris, SHARRINGTON999921 July  2015
Sadly, I've had too return this item and am awaiting a refund. It would have been perfect but the position of our conservatory sills and guttering made it impossible to fit! I can't think I've ever seen a better fly screen though so I'm sad we can't use it!
ROGER, HEANOR10971013 July  2015
great service
David, Rotherham997925 June  2015
orla, london888922 June  2015
Excellent keeps out all the insects.
Gavin, Dumbleton79882 June  2015
Jacqueline, Havant910101010 May  2015
Really helpful with advice about which screen would be best - came up with the perfect solution and everyone is thrilled with it. Thank you :)
Sarah, Portsmouth97987 May  2015
Thomas, Covenham St. Bartholomew99795 May  2015
Pauline, chelmsford599921 April  2015
I had four links missing on one of the chains, but fortunately I had spare links from my first screen curtain which I purchased from you which hangs over my back door. Really pleased with them both apart from that.
Fiona, Edinburgh999910 April  2015
Colin, Stroud988916 February  2015
This was bought to replace similar mesh accidentally damaged. Not yet installed. May need new 4mm rubber cords to fix edges of mesh into channels round the edge of the two door panels. Do you supply
Tom, Coventry798810 December  2014

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